Preparing for the New Year Ahead: Fresh Beginnings or New Changes

Another year has passed, whether good, bad, or both. And now a new year has rolled around when we begin to make a list of health resolutions – losing weight, running a marathon, quitting cigarettes, etc. These are all wonderful and obtainable goals. Still, few realise that caring for our mental wellness, whether fresh beginnings or new changes, is the leading factor to success.

Mental wellness entails letting go of and learning from past events, making the necessary changes, and growing in the present. It mainly requires caring for ourselves, which we often forget to do. So, let’s look at some ways we can.

Focus on the Present

Reflecting on our past and learning from it is one thing. However, holding onto something that has already happened or can’t be undone will not change anything. It’s like repeatedly rewinding a tape. For instance, you can’t stop thinking about your breakup with your ex-partner or something terrible you said to a friend.

Letting go of the past doesn’t mean dismissing your feelings. Still, remaining stuck in it will prevent you from being in the present, where change can occur. Therefore, focus on what you can do now rather than punish yourself.

Eliminate Toxicity

Certain situations or people can either enhance or hinder our lives. And though we might be unable to avoid negativity altogether, we can at least remove some excess baggage. For example, you might end a friendship with a critical friend or throw out old letters from an ex-partner.

Eliminating toxicity allows you to wipe the slate clean.  

Seek Internally and Not Externally

Do you find people with bigger homes or fancier cars happier than the average person? Perhaps some people are, but many others attempt to fill an inner void with lavish expenditures. Just look at the number of Hollywood actors and musicians who’ve died by suicide or are addicted to substances.

Yes, life might be less stressful if we could pay off our numerous bills. However, it doesn’t substitute what must come from within ourselves.

The same is true about relationships. In other words, no person or material possession can replace inner peace and contentment.

Take it One Goal at a Time

Trying to take on too many changes simultaneously can become overwhelming and make it easier to give up on them. Therefore, picking one goal at a time or a few mini-goals is preferable. Then, once you master each one, move on to another.

Some examples may include the following:

  • Eating sweets one less day per week
  • Going to bed fifteen minutes earlier each evening
  • Cutting out two daily cigarettes
  • Purchasing one less miscellaneous item per week
  • Walking around the block for five minutes three days per week

Continue to build on your goals progressively. 

Practice Self-Care

It can be very depleting when one’s life is full of endless responsibilities and nothing to call their own. That’s why carving time for self-care is crucial, such as watching your favorite show, going for a walk, or taking a warm bath.

In addition, not having time for oneself can lead to feelings of isolation and depression. So, why not get together with a friend whenever possible or make new friends? One such place is Barty’s Adventures, where they hold special events and adventures to help men feel better about themselves by keeping active, thus improving mental health. Barty – We Are A Mental Health Initiative

Change Comes From Within

A new year’s resolution is not about changing everything but prioritizing your wellness one step at a time. Otherwise, it’s hard to figure out what needs altering. Once you realise that change begins from within, the rest should fall into place.

You Are Not Alone

It’s vital to know that you are not alone. Having someone who can relate to your issues and listen without judgment can help relieve your sadness or loneliness. One such place is Barty’s Adventures, where they hold special events and adventures to help men feel better about themselves by keeping active, thus improving mental health. Barty – We Are A Mental Health Initiative

No matter what you’re going through, you deserve to be supported.

Why Not Try Online Therapy?

Hopefully, these points could give some comfort, but sometimes just reading quotes isn’t enough. Online therapy can be a great option if you or a loved one is looking for more support.

Therapy through can be more affordable than traditional therapy and allows many options to communicate with your therapist from the comfort of your home. Most importantly, remember that it is okay not to be okay, and you are no less of a human for feeling your emotions and being vulnerable.

To receive 25% off your first month, head to

Feel free to drop by if you’d like to chat and just say, ‘Hey Barty’ in strict confidence, and you can be anonymous if you wish. Or do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

Sandy Glover

Sandy is the resident mental health professional at Barty. She previously worked as a therapist, earning a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's in counselling. Sandy has transitioned to becoming a peer presenter at several mental health settings through NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Her passion for mental health is evident in her writing as a subject matter expert who draws from personal experience, professional expertise, and education to help eliminate stigma.

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